Powder Coating

AMS can meet all of your coating needs:

  • Conveyor and Batch Oven
  • 3 Stage phosphate wash prep
  • High and low volume runs
  • Quick turn around
  • Paint multiple colors every day
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cosmetic quality
  • Large and small parts
  • Short and long runs
  • Medical grade anti-bacterial powder coating available
  • 2 coat available
  • Clear coat powder coating available
  • 10’x25′ capabilities

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The Experts in Powder Coating

For more than 20 years, our powder coating division has provided the Dallas and Fort Worth areas with custom solutions for every powder coat need. Our experience in the industry and attention to detail sets AMS apart from the competition. We exceed industry standards in preparation, application and quality control.

Our Powder Coating Process

We start with a high-quality phosphate wash to clean and prepare the metal for optimal paint adhesion. Then we take the extra step of pre-heating the parts before applying the powder. Because we take the time to pre-treat the metal, we achieve superior adhesion of the powder to the parts.

AMS offers the options of two-coat powder coating, which almost none of our competitors offer. We continually inspect the parts with a paint thickness gauge to ensure every part is coated to the proper thickness. All of these steps combine to provide the most durable powder coat finish on the market.

Powder coating represents approximately 85% of all painted finishes in the market. Because a powder coat is more durable than liquid paint, the primary benefit of the powder coating process is the corrosion-resistant properties that are added to a part. Thus, the coating is extremely resistant to chipping, scratching, and marring.

Depending on the exact chemistry of the coating, specially formulated powders can include anti-bacterial and chemical-resistant properties. Also, coatings are available in nearly unlimited colors, effects and textures. When compared to other finishing methods (which sometimes do not have more than one surface effect), a powder coat gives you options by way of low, medium, and high glosses, as well as textured and wrinkled finishing. It can be applied to steel, aluminum, iron, or zinc parts.

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