How we Grow with Technology and Innovation

One thing that we do at AMS is continually innovate. We are always asking the tough questions that will lead to a better, faster, stronger process that will ensure that our quality and turn times on projects are industry-best. What is the best technology for this? How can we improve this process? What value can we add for our clients?

We have many machines and processes that are intricate to our business and key to our success. We have investing in top-of-the-line equipment that ranges from a tool to measure the thickness of the powder coating that we apply to measuring the size and shape of manufactured pieces with a laser, to the newest and greatest laser cutters.

Perhaps nothing is as important to a manufacturing company like AMS as a well-run ERP, or enterprise resource planning, program. Essentially, an ERP allows manufacturers to have a complete 360-degree view of the manufacturing process from start to finish. It is the grease that makes the Accurate Metal machine run.

We established a partnership with MIE Solutions to customize and innovate their MIE Trak system to fit our needs perfectly. We have pushed the envelope for what an ERP is and what it should do to create the perfect system for all the projects that run through our shop.

As soon as a job is started, we assign every component a bar code that allows us to track it through the manufacturing process. Want to know if your part is in fabrication? No problem! Has your job been powder coated? We can tell you in real time what is happening and where it is in our facility. We care about your job as much as you do, so we track everything that we can to ensure that your project is completed on time and to specification.

While you might expect that everyone in the industry does this, you would be surprised! Many of our competitors are just about pushing jobs through their facilities as quickly as possible, with little to no regard for the finished product. Our commitment to you and your project is far above theirs, which is why we invest in these kinds of technology.

As we grow and expand our capabilities and capacity, you can sleep easy knowing that we have a handle on your job. We know where everything is and where it will be in two hours. Put us to the test on your next metalworking project. Submit a quote for your job and see what it means when we say that we are committed to you!

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