Seven Reasons AMS has the Best Laser Cutting Equipment

We realize there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to laser cutting services for your metal-working projects, and the industry has rapidly evolved in recent years with advancements in digital technology. With that in mind, the laser cutting experts at AMS want to offer up seven reasons why we are the best in Fort Worth when it comes to laser cutting services. Buckle up! No jargon or empty “marketing speak” here. We’ve got specifics and technical info for the most discerning and experienced metal-working veterans.

  1. Our Amada ENSIS laser cutting machines have lower operating costs because they utilize fiber laser technology. With this there is no spatial cavity in the oscillator which leads to more efficient processing. And more efficient processing leads to more cost-effective pricing for laser cutting in Fort Worth and the surrounding area.
  2. We have expanded laser cutting capabilities at 1.08 um wavelength. This offers better beam absorption and the ability to cut a range of metal types including copper, brass and titanium.
  3. Our fiber cutting technology has a lower maintenance cost that many other systems because our machines have no mirrors, laser gas or anything else typically associated with CO2 beam generation.
  4. Built-in versatility. The Amada cutting machines we use at AMS were specifically engineered to offer the high speed cutting capability of a fiber laser, and the thick material cutting capabilities of a CO2 laser cutting system. From a Penny to 1” thick steel, AMS can laser cut it!
  5. State-of-the-art processors. AMS has invested in premium Amada laser cutting machines – and we didn’t go with the base model either. Nope, we upgraded to the AMNC 3i, simply the fastest control system available. This leads to faster cuts, improved accuracy and easier last minute edits. Go ahead, throw us a curveball – we’ll cut it!
  6. Out best-in-class laser cutting machines are environmentally friendly. AMS laser cutting machines are 3-4 times more energy efficient than comparable CO2 lasers. Also, solid-state technology on the laser cutter machines do not require gas to generate the laser beam.
  7. Our people. At AMS Metal we realize that even the most technically advanced machines are worthless without the best operators who know how to manage these immensely technical systems. Our laser CNC operators average over 15 years of experience. There’s a reason for this. We want the best and the brightest minds who care about what they do and are passionate about crafting the finest laser cut metal products right here in Fort Worth, Texas.

Like what you’re reading and ready for a quote? Or maybe you have a few questions to discuss about your laser cutting project? That’s great! Our Fort Worth based sales and customer service team loves working with customers. Give us a call or request more info here.

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