How Yeti Started a Powder Coating Revolution

If you have had any exposure to society over the last year or two, I am sure you know what a Yeti tumbler is. It’s one of those silver metal cups that everyone and their dogs seem to be carrying around. There is no shortage of companies who have jumped on the bandwagon to sell similar products.

What this has done for the powder coating industry is to create a revolution. People want their items to be personal, they want to stand out from the crowd, they want to be unique. Enter painting and customization.

A few of Yeti’s competitors began offering colored varieties of the metal tumblers, but most of them offer more of the same. Silver mugs with nothing much else. What these companies did is leave a need unfulfilled. They provided companies like ours with the opportunity to jump in and provide a service to those who wanted something more.

The powder coat colors that are available are unimaginably broad. The surge of people who wanted these cups and mugs personalized created a booming economy based completely in paint powder. Want a yellow mug? There is a coating for that. Want a green one? The powder coaters in the world have it covered.

Not every powder coating company will paint these cups, not all of us want to, but that’s okay. This has created a global awareness of what we do. We can apply very beautiful, vibrant, protective finishes to things, including your cup. A global awakening to the benefits and desires of coating various materials has been started. People are seeing applications for metal coating that wasn’t at the front of their mind just a few years ago.

We look forward to the future and the next big thing that will help us as an industry to expand and grow and put our products and services into your hands.

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