The Details Matter

There’s a saying that goes something like this, “To be great, you have to be great at the details” and this certainly applies with precision CNC work and powder coating. After all, when precision lasers are involved, the details are going to be important. AMS has found a marketplace in Fort Worth because of its passion for the small stuff that others might not consider worthwhile. The “small stuff” is simply in their DNA, going back over 30 years when the company was founded. Other powder coating shops might be great for small, “one-off” projects like car rims and auto parts, but how do you maintain quality and consistency over long-run commercial powder coat applications? AMS knows that it takes a relentless focus on people, processes, and materials.

Here are a few reasons that drive the quality of our projects and our attention to the details.

  1. AMS hires the best welders, CNC operators, laser cutters, and powder coaters, and keeps them for the long run with competitive pay and solid benefits. Every project starts with having the right people on the team, who care about each customer, every part, every cut.
  2. The process is king when you operate on a mass scale for large commercial clients who demand consistency throughout a production run. Anyone can deliver a few accurately cut pieces of metal with a nice powder coating, that isn’t too challenging. The real challenge is keeping the quality standard for thousands or tens of thousands of pieces. This is where Accurate Metal excels over our competition
  3. Materials matter. AMS uses the best quality sheet metal and then performs all finishing operations with state-of-the-art welding, cutting, and coating equipment. Tight tolerances and premium finishes are no problem for AMS.
  4. Settling is unacceptable. We have implemented processes into our workflows that require individual accountability at every step of the process. We could sit back and pump out batches and batches of mediocre parts, but that simply isn’t who we are. We never settle for less than our best, and we wouldn’t expect you to either.

If you have a large-scale, commercial project that will have critical color requirements, what to do? Consider AMS – they know how to control color batches for long production runs, start to finish, perfectly consistent color. Or if pediatric patients at a children’s hospital will be handling your product so even the slightest rough edge is not an option, AMS is your-go to partner. It’s all in the details.

So from every cut, notch, bend, weld joint, and powder coat color, AMS is the source that more and more Fort Worth businesses trust.

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