Benefits of Metal Stamping Your Customized Parts

//Benefits of Metal Stamping Your Customized Parts

Benefits of Metal Stamping Your Customized Parts

Key Points

Metal stamping is ideal for quick production of both specialized precision components and simple industrial parts and has several advantages.

When you need customized components, you want quality and you want them fast. With advances in metal stamping technology, you can reap the benefits of getting your components just the way you want.

Metal stamping is ideal for quick production of both specialized precision components and simple industrial parts. Applications that benefit from metal stamping encompass various industries, but all stamped components share the same advantages:

Extreme Precision

Metal stamping can produce highly accurate parts within extremely tight tolerances. 

Production Volume

After the die has been created, metal stamping can be used to complete high-volume production runs quickly and efficiently.


Metal stamping can be used to create components in a variety of shapes and sizes, from micro-stamped components to engine housings. Round components are inexpensive to manufacture when compared with other fabrication methods.

Process Control

The metal stamping process can be controlled strictly from conceptualization of your component through finishing, so your part is assembly-ready upon completion.

Cost Efficiency

With metal stamping, cost efficiency is one of the biggest reasons why companies are beginning to take advantage of this process. Dies are relatively less expensive to produce and maintain than those used in other common processes. Speeding up the production process requires less machine use, fewer laborers, and reduced labor time, which means your overall expenses will drop.

Longer Runs 

The continuous material feed used in the progressive die stamping process allows for long runs.   Longer runs between material changes and tooling adjustments mean your parts can be produced in a much shorter time.

High Repeatability 

The hard tooling die designs allow for high-volume runs without die degradation.  This means that part quality remains high and there are fewer failed parts.

Quicker Setup 

When compared to traditional fabrication or machining, the setup time may be much less for the progressive stamping process. What is achieved in multiple setups and processes during traditional fabrication and machining, may be performed in one operation if progressive die stamping is utilized. 

Less Scrap Material 

Progressive stamping is a metalworking method that can encompass punching, coining, bending, and several other ways of modifying metal to produce your desired end part shape. The vast majority of the material is used, hence, less scrap is produced. What is left over is recycled.

Custom metal part manufactured in CNC milling machine

Emphasizing Quality

At AMS, we use the best of the best machines and technology. We know that metal prices are always fluctuating, but we do our best to keep costs low and quality high for our customers. Our in-house integration system makes sure that your product is produced in a timely manner. We specialize in the stamping of tight-tolerance, close-pitch, high-precision, and light-gauge metal components, as well as thicker gauge, larger metal components, and assemblies. 

We can customize a myriad of precision metal stamped solutions tailored to your specific end-application needs, and produce them to your exacting specifications. By placing an emphasis on quality, we maintain robust internal tooling capabilities that ensure all our progressive stamping tools exceed customer requirements. 

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