Manufacturing Processes: Machining vs. Fabrication

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Manufacturing Processes: Machining vs. Fabrication

Learn the difference between machining and fabrication and how they are both part of the manufacturing process

Both fabrication and machining are parts of the manufacturing process. Depending on the desired outcome as well as the type of material that is being used, will determine which process can be used. AMS is known for quality products that are manufactured in our facility in Fort Worth, TX.

What is Fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of making parts out of raw materials like sheet metal. Machine fabrication, in particular, involves techniques such as bending, punching, cutting, and welding. Machining encompasses a larger range of tactics that make use of other technologies.

What is Machining?

In general, machining is the process of removing superfluous metal to create a final product. Milling, drilling, and turning are all common machining techniques (lathe work).

What is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the process of assembling those metal parts to form a finished product, whereas fabrication is the process of creating those metal parts. AMS also offers powder coating services to add a final touch to your product.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

AMS are experts in bespoke sheet metal fabrication for a wide range of industries. We manufacture components, assemblies, and chassis for the commercial, electronics, communications, medical, retail, industrial, and other industries.

People may mistake us for just a machine shop at first. While we do machining work, we are better described as a metal fabricating shop. This means we start with flat sheets of metal and go on to laser cut, punch out, bend, weld, powder coat, and assemble finished parts. However, we can also start with blocks of metal (round, square, or rectangular solid rods or tubing) and create finished parts through sawing, milling, drilling, and turning processes. 

Because we do everything in-house, there’s no need to ship your product from one shop to another. This will save you time and money in the long run. Everything is thoroughly inspected and can be delivered on time, every time.

Choose AMS for Your Manufacturing Needs

Choosing a shop that has been around for a while and is known as a reliable source of quality is important when starting your metal fabrication projects. AMS has been in the industry for more than 30 years providing quality products to companies around the world. Because we can build out your product from start to finish, you’ll save time and money with us!

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