Milling & Routing Precision

We offer turnkey CNC machining and routing services as one of our core services for our clients. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment, we are able to speed up the manufacturing process and produce amazingly accurate products time after time. Because our CNC machines can seamlessly switch between tools, angles, and cuts, we save you time and money.

Our machining centers can tackle projects big and small, from prototype to finished product. Our CNC machines provide a perfect solution for creating complex parts that require unique shapes and tight tolerances. Almost any shape you can imagine can be machined in our shop. We proudly use top-of-the-line Haas machinery in our shop.

What We Can Do

  • Multiple Haas Machining Centers
  • High-efficiency Coolant Recycling
  • Various Metal Machining
  • Up to 40 in. of Travel
  • Multiple Tools per Run
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Extremely Tight Tolerances

Your Single Source For “To Spec” Custom Manufacturing

AMS offers a unique and complete combination of services and capabilities. We successfully perform precision sheet metal fabrication, in-house powder coating, product integration, certified welding, inspection, and complete turnkey fabricated parts – all under one roof. Our powder coatings colors are infinitely customizable to your exact needs.